SMP/WMP/ Dairy whitener Plant

SMP/WMP/ Dairy whitener Plant

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SMP/WMP/ Dairy whitener Plant

Dried milk powder is the product obtained by the removal of water from milk by heat or other suitable means, to produce a solid containing 3.5 % or less moisture. Whole milk, skim milk may be used for drying. The dried product obtained from whole milk is called whole milk powder; from skim milk is known skim milk powder. 

Sr. No Powder Specification for Agglomerated Powder SMP WMP (Lecithinated)
1 Fat <1 % >22 %
2 SNF >96 % 75.2%
3 Moisture by mass <3.5 % <2.8 %
4 Sugar NIL NIL
5 Insolubility Index 0.2 ml 0.3 ml
6 Bulk Density 0.4-0.5 0.4-0.5
7 Scorched Particle Disc A Disc A
8 Wettability at 49ÂșC (after 72 hours of storage) <30 sec <30 sec <30 sec <30 sec
9 Dispersibility (min.) % 85% 85%
10 Free fat NA <1%

Salient features of FBE Make Evaporators
  • Adjustable and controllable direct contact heat treatment units.
  • Shortest possible residence time.
  • Special design to prevent bacteriological growth including thermophiles.
  • Special design of liquid distribution systems to ensure correct tube coverage.
  • Extended tube length.
  • Efficient design of separators.
  • Low energy consumption (Steam, Power, cooling water).
  • Easy operation.
  • No scale formation in tubes.

Salient features of FBE Make Dryers
  • Good plant performance due to the absence of any air flow obstruction inside the chamber
  • Good agglomeration potential.
  • Instant quality of powder is formed.
  • Higher plant capacity for a given size.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Alternate arrangements of Rotary atomization or nozzles in the same dryer
  • Used for the whole range of dairy products as the SMP, WMP, DW etc.
  • Single stage spray dryer and Spray dryer with IBD and VFD shall be used alternately in the same plant
  • Fines-return to atomization device or VF
  • Pneumatic cooling and conveying system in stead of VF
  • Pneumatic cooling and conveying system in stead of VF
  • Air exhaust through centre duct in the chamber.

Advantage of Lecithinization system
  • Lecithinization system is integrated with Spray dryer to manufacture Whole milk powder.
  • The lecithinization refers to the coating of powder by a wetting agent consist of lecithin dissolved in butter oil. The wetting agent is sprayed to powder under fluidization in VFD, so that good quality of WMP s produced with it.